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Frequently Asked Questions


Benefits of An Account:

Privacy of Swiss Accounts

Did you know that any bank account in the United States or most other countries are unsafe and that your privacy is not protected? Protect yourself and open an offshore account today!

Be wary of any Caribbean banks, most of them have information sharing agreements with various governments. Switzerland is one of the last countries maintaining bank privacy.


Major Advantages of Swiss Banks

- Access to international wire and SWIFT payments through Internet Banking.

- You can easily deposit money orders and business/personal checks into your account.

- Dedicated account managers

- The Swiss National Bank has one of the highest reserves of Gold bullion to back up its currency

- 24x7 internet banking and payments, highly secure (three layers of unique contract and password codes)



Advantage of going with the Swiss Banks we Recommend:

- Excellent Internet Banking Systems.

Some Main Features

- Reliable and Co-operative Financial Institution

- Fluent in all major languages
- No Credit Checks/TeleChek/Check Systems
- No Banking Reference Requirements
- No Minimum Deposit!
- 24 Hour World-wide Access to your funds. ATM and VISA available.
- Transfer money into your bank account anytime, anywhere, no limits

- Deposit checks in any currency
- Wire Money around the world

- We make offshore bank account setup easy

- Only a notarized photocopy of your passport with an apostille and/ or ID required.

- VISA debit/ATM cards can be issued in a variety of different currencies and card colors.

- ATM Card can be used anywhere in the world. Card center comes with 24 phone customer service.

- 24/7 Excellent online real-time banking system.

- Swiss Private and Security

- No extra charge for ATM card

- Bill payment and wire transfers can be done online in all currencies to all countries.

- Transfer to and from any bank in the world

- Complete offshore protection


Swiss Banking Secrecy/Protection

Swiss Banks are obligated by Swiss law to keep any and all information about their clients strictly confidential.

Secrecy rules are vigorously enforced throughout the Swiss Banking Industry. This is especially true when it comes to civil matters. Obviously. The Swiss Constitution clearly defines and protects these Secrecy rules. Any Swiss banker revealing information about their clients will be prosecuted under Swiss Law. In today's sue happy societies, asset protection and estate planning are the main reasons why people seek Switzerland as a safe and sound banking center.

People have Swiss Bank Accounts for the privacy and security. No government, tax service, creditor or agency can ever have information on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. How can I deposit funds into my Swiss bank account securely?

A. You can send your bank a check, wire money from any bank, send a money order or cashier's check or western union or even make a cash deposit. (note: cash deposits must be made in Switzerland, checks can be mailed or wires done electronically)


Q. How can I withdraw/use funds from my account?

A. It is possible to login to your online account at the bank, make bill payments, wire transfers, issue checks and send all from your computer. You will also have a ATM card around the world to withdraw in any currency.


Q. Am I able to do online banking and bill payment even though I may be outside of Switzerland?

A. Yes, through our special connections and relationships with banks, excellent internet banking systems are available.

Q. How long does it take to open an account?
A. We can open an account quickly and in most cases your account will be available to receive checks and wires and make payments within a month.

Q. What types of accounts do you offer?

A. This bank offers an account in multiple currencies, investments, debit cards, checking and savings facilities. It is an all in one solution.


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London, UK.

Thank you for helping me open a Swiss account. I got information within hours !...

New Jersey , USA

I really needed a Multi Currency account as I travel very frequently. You made it very easy for me to open a Swiss Account...


New Delhi , India

My friends spent so much money on lawyers and months to open a Swiss Account and I did that so easily and inexpensively. I did not need a lawyer to open a Swiss Account...


Tokyo, Japan

The Swiss Account gives me so much freedom and choice in banking. The Multi Currency accounts are real money saving…


Toronto, Canada

Thank you for your help—I received my Swiss account today. Prior to getting in touch with you, I flew to Bahamas to open a offshore account. It was so expensive and was a paperwork nightmare, even then I was not able to open an offshore account. The valuable information you provided and the help you rendered is greatly appreciated…




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